This chance to build new executive offices for DreamWorks Animation appealed to Interscape on a number of levels. Producing an inspiring space for a creative company presents a challenge we always embrace. In this case, the design objectives included conflicting goals: an open, collegial environment—with acoustically isolated locations in which sensitive discussions can take place. Solving these needs in effective and appealing ways was an interesting opportunity for us.

Maintaining the theme of the existing facilities, Interscape was responsible for modernizing systems and construction, introducing new technological components, utilizing high end materials and finishes and incorporating several highly specific special components.

All the work had to be done with minimal disruption to ongoing Studio operations. Interscape implemented alternate access routes, phasing plans and off-hours installation schedules.

Over a four month period, Interscape implemented these improvements:

• Expanding portions of the second floor of the Campanile Building to capture exterior patios and decks, while increasing the available interior space.
• Restoring exterior paving tile, plaster and other finishes to make the new space appear to be part of the original design.
• Building new perimeter offices around large open interior areas, with recessed and indirect lighting.
• Creating new conference rooms, including special teleconference rooms, with sound-attenuating construction for a high level of sound isolation.
• Installing special finishes, including solid walnut plank flooring, custom carpeting, custom area rugs, fabric wallcoverings, wood moldings and trim.
• Installing rough-hewn false beams to bring the exterior “Mission” style to the interior.
• Fabricating custom furniture, some with exotic woods, to complement the overall design.
• Adjusting every detail of the food service area with minute precision, down to calculating the size and shape of the ice cubes, to facilitate service and catering to visiting dignitaries and guests.
• Reinforcing the floor and creating a special steel frame cabinet to support a new eight foot long salt water aquarium containing live coral and exotic fish.